Centre for Petroleum, Pollution Control and Corrosion Studies (CEFPACS) is an incorporated limited liability company with the Corporate Affairs Commission, established to be a solution hub for clients in the Energy, Environment, Process and Manufacturing, Information Technology, Defence, Legal and Management Sectors. The organization is setup to be a global one-stop-shop solution hub for clients in the areas mentioned above as a center of excellence and develop sustainable research policy for the growth and economic wellbeing of the nation. The Mandate, Mission, Visionand Policy of CEFPACS are:


  • A) MANDATE: To deliver smart-tech services using integrated, innovative, accelerated, and consultative technology for a truly satisfying client’s success.


  • B) MISSION: To practice and promote sustainable Engineering services in the right environment through approved policy, harnessing expertise in related disciplines for prompt delivery of set goals at minimal cost.


  • C) VISION: To accelerate and maintain high standards as a center of excellence in Research, Innovations and Inventions, Technology development and Acquisition, Product Deployment for commercialization and economic growth through skilled manpower.


  • D) POLICY: No one comes into the system and knows all, no one comes into the system to hide all; there is research in everything and everything is in research, the system do not identify with or reward failure but success through smart work.


CEFPACS operates through partnership and collaboration using her uniquely designed products and programs including: African Journal of Engineering and Environment Research, Research Africa, Research Africa Conference and Exhibition (RACE), Young Professional Volunteers (YPV) an articulated mentorship flagship program. CEFPACS is governed by structured Board of Advisors and functional Management team.
CEFPACS is a home for genuine researchers with purpose driven minds to develop the economy, sustain our center of excellence and retain the legacy of the research community.


                              CEFPACS Board of Advisors, Management and Staff Organogram