• MEANING: Scientific and Engineering Experts Research Group on Environmental Protection.

Activities of SEERGEP are drawn from the core mandate of CEFPACS to provide sustainable interdisciplinary Scientific and Engineering Services to National and International Organisations both private and public, and to support the protection of global ecosystems for rapid development. For SEERGEP, the goal is Science and Engineering for Environmental Sustainability.

SEERGEP is a three-way enabler to the seven pillars of CEFPACS. The three enablers are built on strong research principles as follows:
Scientific Principles that will review activities and operations affecting the environment with the aim to establish gaps, develop practical assessment of the gaps, adopt scientific methods to bridge identified gaps and provide solutions based on need assessment regularly.
Engineering Principles that will design, model, and evaluate activities and operations as inputs to environmental ecosystem and to engage in applied research for sustainable development.
Environmental Management Principle that will monitor, regulate, and integrate the outputs of the scientific and engineering principles, generate expected outcomes and deliver results to end-users or stakeholders consistently.

What we do

    • This sectional group undertakes both clusters and commissioned researches and develop research frameworks on need assessment basis, assign same to task teams of relevant working groups, review reports and recommend way forward on critical activities. From time to time, essential committees are formed with the aim to develop fundable proposals for critical areas of research needs to clients and offtakers or stakeholders, as well as develop future work plans for the sectional group. The core mandate and work focus of CEFPACS revolves around the seven pillars and SEERGEP is central to developing and coordinating the cluster-based research activities of each pillar for implementation with accordance with existing environmental regulations or Laws.
    • SEERGEP sectoral group is led by a four-member think-tank of high professional valuation proficient in smart-tech engineering and environmental science research. Technical chair, two co-chairs and a technical secretary drives the vision and mission value proposition of SEERGEP. The four-member think-tank has responsibilities to draw up activities, project, or programmes of the task teams’ assignment.

SEERGEP Publication

    • SEERGEP aligns its intellectual frontier education with CEFPACS and to publish for public professional benefit, the following seasoned and documented materials:
    • Journals of Engineering and Environment Research (AJOEER)
    • Guidelines and standards on thematic areas of relevance to the Environment
    • Evaluation procedures on key focal areas
    • Annual Technical Reports on Assessments of thematic areas
    • Proceedings of SEERGEP activities
    • Technical and professional Review Reports on research clusters